Uchenna Ekwo

Uchenna Ekwo, Ph.D.

Chair, Gershowitz Conference
President, Center for Media & Peace Initiatives

Dr. Uchenna A. Ekwo is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Social Sciences at Coal City University. He is a journalist by training, an educator by choice, and a mediator by temperament. Dr. Ekwo is on the faculty of the Department of Mass Communications at Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York, and at the School of Public Affairs and Administration of Rutgers University – Newark.... Read more about Uchenna Ekwo, Ph.D.

Herbert Klein

The Honorable Herbert Klein

Former United States Congressman
Member, Rutgers University President’s Council
Keynote Speaker, Gershowitz Conference

Congressman Herbert C. Klein has had a long and distinguished career in government, law and business. He is Of Counsel at law firm Genova Burns LLC. Congressman Klein is part of the President’s Council of Rutgers University, and has been on its Board of Trustees and on its Board of Overseers. He is a National Democratic Institute Council Member.... Read more about Herbert Klein

Charles E. Menifield

Charles Menifield, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University–Newark
Dr. Charles Menifield is Dean of the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University–Newark. His research interests lie primarily in the areas of budgeting and financial management, public health and welfare, and minority politics. Other areas include public management information systems, education finance, and public administration education.... Read more about Charles Menifield, Ph.D.
Robert Shick

Robert Shick, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor, School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University–Newark
Cochair, Gershowitz Conference

Dr. Robert Shick has extensive experience in the public sector as a senior administrator in New York City government, working in the following areas: contracting-out of government services, financial and budget management, policy analysis, information technology, and intergovernmental and community relations. Dr. Shick’s research interests and publications are in the areas of privatization and the contracting-out of government services, nonprofit management, and organizational development.... Read more about Robert Shick, Ph.D.

Iswandy Ahmad

Iswandy Ahmad

Member, Legislative Council of Brunei

Iswandy Ahmad is a Member of the Legislative Council of Brunei, holding the record as one of Brunei's youngest parliamentarians. He had previously worked at the U.S. Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan promoting greater contact and cooperation among alumni of sponsored exchange programs, coordinating and overseeing youth and alumni groups. He boosted the Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative program, a prestigious youth leadership program in Brunei.... Read more about Iswandy Ahmad

George Baumgarten

George Baumgarten

U.N. correspondent
George Baumgarten is a distinguished United Nations Correspondent. For nearly three decades, he was the President of the Travelroutes International Corporation, headquartered in New York. Mr. Baumgarten graduated from the Ramaz School and from Yeshiva University. He also attended the Academy of International Law in The Hague as well as the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.
Robert Bernstein

Robert Bernstein

Public affairs adviser to NGOs

Robert Bernstein is an NGO officer, educator, journalist, photographer, writer and editor. His work encompasses the areas of development, education, governance, sustainability and technology. Mr. Bernstein has maintained a lifelong commitment to international affairs, culture and economics. He is an Advisory Board Member at the International Association of African NGOs (IAAN).... Read more about Robert Bernstein

Justin Buffer

Justin Buffer

History writer and political analyst
Justin M. Buffer is a highly-regarded history writer and political analyst as well as an award-winning educational consultant. His books include Letters of Gratitude to American Heroes of Social Justice: Where We Would Be Without Them?. He is the founder and Educational Director of JMB Educational Consulting & Coaching, as well as the Cambridge Learning Center of New Jersey, one of the most successful in the northeast United States.
Fathia Eldakhakhny

Fathia Eldakhakhny

Journalist and columnist

Fathia Eldakhakhny is an Egyptian journalist and columnist who was pivotal in launching Almasry Alyoum Newspaper—Egypt’s first independent newspaper. After studying mass communication and participating in a variety of programs on multimedia, digital media, marketing, social media, and filmmaking, Fathia went on to hold many positions at AMAY including Diplomatic Editor, News Editor, Presidential Editor, Video Editor, and Web Manager.... Read more about Fathia Eldakhakhny

Lord Fusituʻa

Lord Fusitu'a

Member, Parliament of Tonga

Lord Fusitu’a serves as the Lord Member of Parliament for the Niuas, in the Legislative Assembly of the Kingdom of Tonga. He is the Chairperson of the Commonwealth Pacific Parliamentarian Group on Human Rights and Co-Chairperson of the AFPPD’s (Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development) Standing Committee on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.... Read more about Lord Fusitu'a

Richard Gordon

The Honorable Richard Gordon

President, Gordon Strategic Advisors
Special Guest, Gershowitz Conference

Richard S. Gordon is a trusted advisor to leaders around the world. During a more than 35 year career, Mr. Gordon has advised candidates and officeholders for every office from president of the United States to municipal council. He has also been a senior strategic advisor to CEOs, corporate presidents and other senior C-suite executives around the globe.... Read more about Richard Gordon

Edmund Janniger

Edmund Janniger

Vice President for International Programs, Center for Media & Peace Initiatives

Edmund J. Janniger has a proven track record directing complex political and policy-related matters. He is presently the Vice President for International Programs at the Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, and concurrently the Chief Global Officer for the Gershowitz Conference on Media and Democratic Governance. In both roles, Mr. Janniger provides leadership in shepherding international initiatives and advancing relevant strategic priorities.... Read more about Edmund Janniger